The Story

GIANCE builds on many years of research at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Saarland University and Peking University. The pre-commercialization technology research has been supported by grants from the German Ministry for Education and Research, the German Research Foundation, two Google research awards, industrial cooperation projects from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, grants from the Chinese National Research Foundation and R&D contracts from industrial corporations. The results of this research are documented in more than 40 international publications.

In the last twelve months, our Beijing team in cooperation with Peking University has extended the technology for coping with the Chinese language. Currently, our Beijing and Berlin teams are finishing a new generation of the system with improved algorithms for NLP and knowledge processing. Most of research and development has been conducted by teams consisting of German and Chinese AI/NLP scientists and engineers..

The Team

Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit

Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Scientific Director at German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence(DFKI). 30 Years experience in Artificial Intelligence as a professor and research leader in Germany and US, especially in the field of language and knowledge technologies. Has co-founded and guided several AI startup companies. His research is documented in more than 200 international publications.

Dean Gao 

Master of Electronic Engineering, Queen Mary College, University of London. Former General Manager of Voicebox Greater China, an American artificial intelligence voice and contextual natural language understanding company. Worked in Microsoft before as a startup ecosystem lead, ISV BD & Evangelist. Experienced serial entrepreneur, founded LunaSquare.

Dr. Renlong Ai 

Ph.D. of Computational Linguistics of Saarland University, MSc in Computer Science of Technical University Berlin, 10+ years R&D at Language Technology Lab of DFKI and experience in product development for a Berlin NLP startup.

Dr. Sven Schmeier

Nearly 20 years work in AI research and product development at DFKI and several companies. Ph.D. of Saarland University, Co-founder and CTO of Yocoy (DFKI’s spin-off company). Extensive experience in NLP, ML, Big Data, from basic research to development, to products and commercialization.

Livia Li 

With 10+ years working experience in multi-national companies as a business development and marketing expert as well as technology evangelist. Served in Microsoft and Oracle.