AI is ready now for making a big change on the executive floors of modern enterprises. There is no danger that AI will take away jobs from corporate decision makers in the foreseeable future. However, AI is now able to make excellent executives even stronger. Both in efficiency and effectiveness. By providing them better information for better decisions — and faster.

Why Global Enterprise Intelligence?

Enterprise Intelligence for Enterprise Success

In most sectors of industry, the differentiating factor for success is not so much technological advantages of production and products but rather the ability of the enterprise to continuously understand and react to fast changing needs, intentions and moves of the most important actors in the world: customers, suppliers, distributors, competitors, regulators, support partners, researchers and investors. Let us subsume this factor under the term enterprise intelligence.

The Challenge of Globalized Business

The central function of enterprise intelligence, i.e., monitoring and interpreting all signals from the variety of different players is getting harder all the time. Because of globalization, customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors are spread all over the world. The differentiation of product portfolios leads to ever-growing numbers of products to be watched. The increasing complexity of products causes growth of the number of suppliers and the size of supply chains. Similar growth in numbers, complexity and global scope we witness in regulation, maintenance, investment etc. Therefore, effective enterprise intelligence must be global.

AI-enabled Solutions

Fortunately, technological advances in artificial intelligence, big-data management and web technology now finally permit the utilization of advanced information technology for automa-ting the most labor-intensive parts of enterprise intelligence. Compared to many powerful applications of so-called narrow AI, the AI solutions for global enterprise intelligence are much more complex since they require the integration of language understanding, multi-lingual text analytics, knowledge technologies, machine learning, big-data analytics and intelligent user interfaces. Very few players are able to achieve such an integration.

New Player – Best Solution

GIANCE is a new AI company building on technologies and decades of research experience in all these areas. Based in Beijing and Berlin, the young deep-tech enterprise combines East and West, young and old, words and numbers, machine learning and machine knowing, ambition and pragmatics, avant-garde research and solid product development – yin and yang. GIANCE has developed a powerful platform for global enterprise intelligence together with some initial applications. The platform is unique in its global breadth and in the depth of understanding. GIANCE is now ready to enter the markets, expand the development and soon turn the GEI platform to the Number One solution in worldwide enterprise intelligence.